Every member of Al-Maqsood Foundation contributes a part of his abilities and resources in the welfare activities, but there is a specific department that is only meant for social welfare. The name of this department is ‘Al-Maqsood Trust’ This institution collects resources from the rich and well off and distributes to those who are poor and those who are at lower ladder of social strata without any distinction of color and creed. Al-Maqsood Trust is a non profitable, non-Government and Non-Political organization. The organization consists of generous businessmen, highly motivated intellectuals, social workers comprising Doctors, Engineers, Scouts, Lawyers, social workers and representatives of various fields of life . Al-Maqsood Trust has been working on the mission of betterment of society for more than two decades now. Al-Maqsood Trust firmly believes that the basic rights and amenities of life should be provided equally. Trust is providing its services in health sector, education sector, livelihood, water projects, rescue in emergencies, marriages and food distributions.