Funeral Bus Service

All Family members become upset and distress at this critical time and there has to manage so many tiring and difficult tasks only to fulfill the basic rituals of ceremony. One of the task is to arrange transport for dead body and participants of funeral to the grave yard. Al-Maqsood Trust is also working on this project to provide free service to one who cannot afford even a very nominal cost which will be charged only to keep the operation functional. You can also have share in this service by cooperation you will be receiving rewards until the bus will continue moving for service. Single bus for the funeral services costs in millions, It is obvious that an individual can’t do this. So play your role, you can so donate a bus if not so take a small share in the amount of a bus. We would be able to purchase a bus. Even you can contribute in the operations and functions of the bus service so that our needy people will get this service at very cheap cost.