Ailment is one of the great problems among the problem of our society. Firstly there are so many new emerging diseases that the people did not even listen names. Secondly if a patient has to get admitted in hospital for few days, would not be able to pay the charges for that.. The rich cannot afford this payment so where the poor will look for treatment. The doctor would ask you pray for the patient, Even after selling property and would say we haven’t found the treatment for this ailment. It’s hard to even imagine the condition of the patient and the attendant at this critical stage. Al-Maqsood Trust is trying to make enlighten in the abbeys of darkness and barbarism.

ALLAH almighty has selected Dr Prof. MUHAMMAD MAQSOOD ILAHI NASQSHBANDI for the benefits of humanity. The knowledge of Tib-e-Nabwi is inherited from forefathers. The Government of Pakistan has awarded gold medal because of his outstanding performance in Hikmat. He has achieved a remarkable position in Homeopathy too and practicing this methodology since over a decade now. As far as the Roohani treatment is concern ALLAH has bestowed him with special spiritual power to treat patients. There are so many patients from America, Britannia and other European countries got treated and cured by Dr. Maqsood Ilahi with the blessings of Almighty.