Livelihood Services

When it comes to Livelihood the vision of Al-Maqsood Trust is giving them tools or training is better than giving them charity. Al-Maqsood Foundation does not believe in begging but believes in providing employment. To provide temporary funds a donation is like making them a handicap part of society or is like making them dead, this is such a social crime with cannot be resolved that’s why Al-Maqsood Trust prefers the employment department over the donation department.

The Livelihoods portfolio of Al-Maqsood Trust covers a number of integrated community-based schemes across Pakistan that strive to make individuals enable to earn their livelihood with honor and pride. These schemes are including Auto Rikshaws, Pushcarts (Thella), Sewing Machines, electronic peripherals (Computers, Cameras, and Photostat Machines etc), Mechanical toolkits. A job portal has been set up for the educated people in order to get them the right job according to their qualification. Contribute for one person and make a family’s life better.

Al-Maqsood Foundation is also planning for such projects which will help uneducated and a layman to get opportunity to learn and get themselves educated and skilled to be able to earn for their families and don’t remain dependent on others. INSHA ALLAH.