Al Maqsood Foundation (www.almaqsood.org, +923 111 999 263)

Al-Maqsood is an international organization with its network spread across the six continents. Within Pakistan it operates in Karachi, Sindh, Punjab, Baluchistan, and Sarhad provinces. Globally its operations are spread across the Middle East including Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Oman and Qatar; Europe, including the Britain, Italy, Germany, France, Portugal, and Spain; in Africa including Malawi, Mozambique, and South Africa. Al-Maqsood Foundation has also presence in Mumbai, Australia and the United States of America… Read More.

Patron in chief of Al-Maqsood Foundation

Professor Doctor Muhammad Maqsood Ilahi Naqshbandi is a well-known personality in medical field. He completed his Masters and Graduation from Jamshoro University Sindh. He is educationist, qualified doctor, expert hakeem, international preacher, productive writer and social activist. He has been teaching Chemistry in different colleges of Karachi since 1982 and got retired from the designation of HOD chemistry department. Read More…


Organizations working under the supervision of Al-Maqsood Foundation

1.    Islami Roohani Mission (www.irmglobe.com, +92 317 117 6001)

Islami Roohani Mission is a spiritual and reformative organization that aims to reform our society from social and spiritual ills. These are the hard times when our society is crippled under the burden of social, political and spiritual decadence. Human being are trapped and ensnared by Satanic intrusions and our spiritual state is badly tarnished by excessive sinning. By the Grace of Allah Almighty, Islami Roohani Mission felt the need and has.. Read More

2.    Al Maqsood Trust (www.almaqsoodtrust.org, +923 222 404 404)

Every member of Al-Maqsood Foundation contributes a part of his abilities and resources in the welfare activities, but there is a specific department that is only meant for social welfare. The name of this department is ‘Al-Maqsood Trust’ This institution collects resources from the rich and well off and distributes to those who are poor and those who are at lower ladder of social strata without any distinction of color and creed. Al-Maqsood Trust is a non profitable, non-Government and Non-Political organization. The organization consists of … Read More

3.    Al Maqsood Education System (www.almaqsood.org, +92 317 117 6009)

Al-Maqsood Education System is a platform that offers standard education under the blissful guidance of a known and expert educationist Hazrat Professor Doctor Muhammad Maqsood Ilahi Naqshbandi (may Allah Almighty raises him in his sublime stations). This institution provides quality education that meets all the standards of modern education. It is a fact that the education being given in colleges and universities is much different from the education being given in the traditional religious schools … Read More

4.    Almaqsood Publishing (www.almaqsood.com +92 332 3333 204)

This department deals with the use of print and electronic media to propagate the preaching activities along with the knowledgeable and thoughtful programs of Islami Roohani Mission for the awareness of general public. In the present world the media is being used to destroy the minds of new generations diverting them from the true path… Read More

5.    Al-Maqsood TV (www.almaqsood.tv, +92 317 117 6014)

Al-Maqsood TV is not an Islamic channel in a way west defines Islam, rather it’s a window providing viewers a sight not only into the actual beliefs and understandings of 1.4 billion Muslims who inhabit every corner of this planet but also the norms and teachings of the Muslims in the past.

Al-Maqsood TV is an Urdu TV Channel working under the umbrella of Al-Maqsood Foundation. If Al- Maqsood TV would be explained briefly it would read “Muslim Parent’s Safe House”. The channel is planning to provide 24 hours multi variety transmissions, which are planned on entertainment, infotainment, training and religious contents. The target audience of Channel are youth, children, women, students, bureaucrats, patients, parents and the Non-Muslims as well… Read More

6.    Aim Scouts (www.aimscouts.org, +92 317 117 6011)

This department organizes scout training with the formal name “AIM Scouts Group”, “Shaheen”, “Boy Scout”, “Rovers”, and “Senior Rovers”. These scout groups have been formed and registered formally and their branches have been opened in many parts of the country. This process of opening these groups is still in progress. These scout groups takes part in welfare activities in case of civil emergencies such as floods, earthquakes… Read More